The future is here: Hybrid, face-to-face and streaming events.

The “new normal” has brought a new concept to face-to-face marketing: Hybrid events.

A new approach to traditional events where everybody is happy:

          * Those attendees who want to be physically present at the event.

          * And those who prefer to attend from their office or home, enjoying the same communication impact.

This is a mixed proposal that combines the best of a physical space with today’s digital solutions, generating two equally impressive experiences for both the physical and remote attendees.

With a capacity of up to 500 people, and with access to a physical room equipped with the appropriate technological resources (cameras, spotlights, etc.), we can launch your online event with the highest quality and help you produce an unforgettable, entertaining and useful experience that will become part of your company’s corporate image.

This allows you to multiply the results of your face-to-face event, in a safe and inspiring space, with audio-visual tools to reach more people remotely. We’ll accompany you through the process to combine the best of both worlds and design a memorable hybrid event experience for your online and physical audiences.

Your hybrid event will be an audiovisual experience that offers online continuity and generate conversations on your Social Networks. And all of this contributes to greater corporate sustainability by reducing travel and increasing access to your content.

Services included:

* Physical room. Choose from the different rooms available, with various capacities, to meet the social distancing rules and to welcome your physical audience.

* Virtual room. Yimby Live broadcasts your event live, using different media and with the best possible lighting. It thus becomes a virtual and interactive room, where the remote audience feels part of the event.

*  Communications that ensure the development of the virtual event. High-speed WiFi for participants and dedicated cable connection ensures picture and sound stability of the hybrid event.

* Streaming management, customizing the online event with your corporate image.

* Social NetworkPublishing. Easily and professionally launch your content to your Social Networks.

A la carte services:

* Audio-visual. Boost your face-to-face event with additional lighting, projectors, as needed.

* Tailor-made setups. Choose furniture, decking, decor, scenery…, just tell us what you need.

* Post-production services. Transform your event video into one or more digital pieces in a variety of formats, ready to launch on the internet: Inlays, subtitles, titles, video summary, etc.