Plato para grabación con personas y sillones en la sala BACK


Yimby, spaces and locations for filming.

Bright spaces with a special design and everything you need to make your filming and locations stand out.

Yes, In, My, Back, Yard, … At some point all our rooms have been unique spaces that have inspired marketing agencies, producers, media for recording interviews and reports, book presentations, IT product demonstrations, etc.

But we are especially keen for you to see our kitchen, integrated in the Back Room, the perfect space for you to present culinary products, photo sessions for domestic appliances, film cookery master classes, etc. and everything you can imagine connected to the world of hospitality.

And with the assurance that our rooms are fully compliant with health and safety at key moments:

* The location, to see if it is the right place for your work.

* And filming, with disinfection before and after each session.

Choose which room is best for your shoot, and if you want, come and check it out.

Call us and schedule an appointment! We will be happy to show you Yimby.